Why use Viavi:be?

How can the Viavi:be Health-Gyms help me? 

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For most, being healthy is challenging


Many of us want to exercise but haven't always achieved the results we want or been able to stay motivated. We struggle to find the time, or do not find exercise enjoyable. Or we find traditional self-service gyms are just not right for us. As a result, we begin to accept the ‘inevitability’ that in our middle years our health will decline. Whilst we all become older, there is no reason to feel we are ‘ageing’ or for our health to decline – a reality that can be addressed quite easily if activity plans are tailored around the individual. Viavi:be Health-Gyms have been designed to achieve the maximum result from the minimum input.

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Who is Viavi:be for?

Viavi:be Health-Gyms have been clinically designed for anyone who has decided that now is the time to put their health first:

•    lose weight
•    increase energy and reduce fatigue
•    feel younger
•    reduce the risk of lifestyle disease, such as diabetes or cardio-vascular disease
•    recover from illness or injury
•    muscular or joint pain and inflammation

Viavi:be is here is to help you be as healthy as you can be. Not just to live life - but to Live Life. Well.


Be:You again in just 70 minutes a week

In just 35 minutes twice a week you’ll begin to feel the difference. And we’re so confident, we do not lock our members in to long contracts – we just offer a simple monthly rolling agreement you can exit at any point if Viavi:be Health-Gyms is not for you. 

Each and every client has their own Be:You plan, designed solely around their health goals. Your health is as individual as your DNA, your circumstance, your ambitions and all the factors that make up your ‘lifestyle’, such as diet, exercise, work, family etc. One-size never fits all.


Where true medical science meets the latest technology guided by clinically trained support

Our exercise equipment is then programmed to be tailored just to you – via a clever bit of technology you wear on your wrist when you visit the gym. There is no guessing at which weight to choose or trying to remember how many repetitions. We use the very latest equipment to ensure every precious minute is as productive for you as possible. 

And there is always a highly trained Health Coach or Physiologist on hand to support you if you need it. But they will never impose themselves – they are there to encourage, to help and to answer all those ‘obvious’ questions that we all feel everybody else ssems to instinctively know – all in a purposeful, peaceful environment.  

Every client is encouraged to undertake an inital health evaluation from which their personalised Be:You plan is defined. And every three months you can receive a full assessment and progress report by a clinically trained physiologist, in complete confidence. And en route you have complete access to our Health Coaches in the gym - no additonal fees for personal trainers. Our focus is your outcomes.

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