Getting back in shape

When it comes to exercise plans for over 50s and older people looking to improve fitness, we’re experts!

health gym over 50s OxfordAt the heart of what we do is the Viavi:be sequence – an innovative, specially designed programme of highly advanced and state of the art gym and fitness equipment specifically for those looking to get back in shape.

The aim is to provide the most beneficial fitness and exercise session possible, in a safe and highly efficient way – just two 45 minutes sessions per week for great results. The benefits include better strength and coordination, energy and immunity, cardiovascular health, fat loss and improved muscle tone – all elements of managing ageing to ensure you live life well.



“I have used many gyms for the past 15 years but the Viavi:be method tops them all. You avoid unnecessary loud music, the machines are state-of-the-art and you can train at your own pace with no stress. A customised gym programme with personal attention by staff members, who are ever-smiling and happy to help.” Read our Member testimonials

gym exercises for over 60s

A gym that’s different

The order that you go around the sequence has been carefully planned by our clinical team, starting in the warm-up area, then moving through a range of resistance and cardiovascular exercise equipment. This is followed by a selection of personalised flexibility and agility programmes and exercises, and you complete your session in our wonderfully relaxing infra-red saunas.

You also have access to a specially designed mindfulness pod. As part of your induction, each piece of equipment will be calibrated to you and your individual needs. You will be given a personal microchipped wrist band which recognises who you are every time you visit the health gym, and which will set up the equipment automatically for you each time you use it. This makes your sessions both efficient in terms of your time, and, most importantly, safe.

“My posture has improved dramatically and my upper body (my weakest area) is already stronger and more toned that it’s been in many years. My energy and fitness levels have increased, I am sleeping so much better and I generally feel more focused. I am so impressed!” Read our Member testimonials