To ensure we offer safe yet effective exercise as we emerge from COVID, we have introduced a special new service approach, along with a pay-as-you-go membership fee –

Just £10 per session

Viavi:be: reinventing the gym

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  • Imagine a gym where you get great results in only two 45mins sessions a week

  • Imagine a gym where the equipment is intelligent – recognising you & choosing the correct resistance and seat position at each visit

  • Imagine a gym which is more than just exercise – a team of experts supporting all your wellbeing needs whatever they are

  • Imagine a gym where the staff know you individually and are genuinely interested in helping you

  • Imagine a gym that is not about pumping music, plasmas and wearing the latest kit, but has a calm, friendly and purposeful feel.

Imagine no more – Viavi:be has reinvented the gym and is available to you today.

The Viavi:be Method

Underpinning the service is the Viavi:be Method. Created by our world-leading clinicians the Viavi:be Method is an entirely unique and structured approach designed to guarantee results.

fitness plans for over 50s

Your Viavi:be sequence

At the heart of what we do is an innovative, specially designed sequence of highly advanced equipment and facilities, sourced from around the world. The aim is to provide the most beneficial session possible, in a safe and highly efficient way – just two 45 minutes sessions per week for great results. The order that you go around the sequence has been carefully crafted by our clinical team, starting in the warm-up area, then progressing through a range of resistance and cardiovascular exercise equipment, moving into a selection of personalised flexibility and agility programmes, and finishing off in our infra-red saunas. You also have access to a specially designed mindfulness pod. As part of your induction, each piece of equipment will be calibrated for your specific needs and you will receive a personal microchipped wrist band which recognises who you are and pre-sets the equipment each time you use it to ensure the most efficient use of your time.

Your personalised programme

Our approach is about more than just the equipment. Our clinically trained health coaches create personalised programmes and provide a breadth of health advice to meet your health and wellbeing goals. The health coaches are there to measure, motivate and support you throughout your journey. During your first three months we have created a carefully structured programme to build solid foundations. During this period, you will receive clinical assessments, regular touch points and retesting. The health coaches will also provide you with advice on what we believe are the essentials for a healthy lifestyle and specialist advice for those concerned about weight. Following this initial period, whilst there will be regular three-monthly structured one-to-one session with the health coaches, they are available on the health gym floor to offer guidance and help at any time.

fitness plan
fitness plan
fitness plan
fitness plan

Your Viavi:be community

Finally, at Viavi:be you will be joining a growing community of like-minded people. You will be able to come along to special events and talks, join group activities such as the weekly stretch sessions and running club, and benefit from the wide range of lifestyle medicine and other wellbeing services being offered at our centre.