Consultations with specialist clinical practitioners.

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Consultations with specialist clinical practitioners are now available at Viavi:be.

Consultations are now available at Viavi:be with specialist functional medicine doctors to help address and better manage on-going lifestyle related and chronic health problems, or to provide deeper lifestyle insights and advice to optimise your health.

The incidence of lifestyle and chronic disease is rising. Advances in medical knowledge and science enable us to now prevent, manage and even reverse such issues in a way not done previously. Issues such as obesity, autoimmune disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment and mental health problems can all be potentially addressed. And the deterioration associated with aging need not always be the case. The Viavi:be functional medicine doctors adopt the core principle of identifying and addressing the underlying root cause of problems rather than just focussing on symptomology. They recognise the biochemical individuality of each person, the integrated network of systems in the human body, the need to take a holistic view and understand the whole person, the emerging knowledge in areas such as gut bacterial diversity, nutritional deficiencies, toxins and hormonal imbalance, and the importance of our mind, often subconsciously, in the causes and resolution of health issues. By adopting this framework, along with cutting edge tests and investigations, they can help you address and better manage your on-going problems, help reduce your reliance on medication, or provide deeper lifestyle related insights and advice to help ensure that you are doing everything possible to optimise your health and wellbeing.

The Viavi:be functional medicine doctors are highly experienced general physicians who have further specialised in this field, typically along with precision, anti-aging and lifestyle medicine.

Please note that these consultations are not replacing consultations you might have with your GP. The purpose is to help you understand, address and manage underlying problems traditionally addressed “top down” rather than “bottom up”. The focus is on addressing the underlying causes rather than offering medication prescriptions. If it was felt that medication was the correct approach, the practitioner will advise you where to get help or refer you back to your GP.

Consultations can be delivered face to face at the Viavi:be centre or through a specially encrypted video link. Telephone follow-up and support can also be provided. An initial consultation with a doctor would typically be for one hour.


60mins £350 (Viavi:be members £300); 30mins £175 (Viavi:be members £150)

Please note that the cost of any tests or investigations would be in addition to these fees.

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