Viavi:be Member Feedback

Our members are seeing the results they desired, and this is what they had to say.



“After ten weeks of regular attendance at Viavi:be I truly believe that this is the way forward for fitness, health and wellbeing. My first review is due shortly and I am really keen to see my ‘official’ results, but even without them it is evident that my posture has improved dramatically and my upper body (my weakest area) is already stronger and more toned that it’s been in many years. My energy and fitness levels have increased, I am sleeping so much better and I generally feel more focused. I am so impressed!” 



"I have used many Gyms for the past 15 years but this Viavi:be tops them all. You avoid unnecessary loud music, the machines are state-of-the-art and you can train at your own pace with no stress. A customised gym programme with personal attention by staff members, who are ever smiling and happy to help."



'Viavi-be and the team here have been instrumental in helping me to lose weight, body fat and achieve my health goals. The equipment and science is first class. However, what really makes the difference is the personal interaction you get with the staff. It is incredibly motivating to feel you have the whole team personally invested in you and helping you succeed and the level of interaction is something I have never come across anywhere else before.'



"From the moment I stepped in the door I have been so impressed with the friendliness, professionalism and knowledge of the staff. Having had a long experience of a one to one personal trainer, I can honestly say that Viavi:be gym is a much more rounded and thorough way forward in promoting maximum bodily health through exercise.  On a lighter note, it’s also a very good place to exchange practical ideas, recipes and even samples of healthy eating. A complete gym in every sense of the word! 

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A real motivation

"I joined Viavi:be when it first opened. Usually I don’t stay motivated for very long as gyms can be so impersonal and lonely. This gym is fun, the staff are exceptional and every machine is personalised to the individuals capability by a wristband. We are all assessed by a physiologist every three months which is a real motivation."

- Margot

I am already feeling a lot fitter

"The staff are incredibly friendly, supportive and encouraging and I am already feeling a lot fitter. This gym has completely transformed my approach to my general health and wellbeing"

- Debbie

The pounds are beginning to disappear

“I harboured great reservations about joining a gym: with Viavi:be such fears diminished rapidly. The welcome, the kindness of the staff, and their understanding of the individual’s needs, reinforced by their quiet and competent professionalism cannot be equalled. A recent holiday saw me undertaking walks with which I struggled last year. Now I feel fitter and stronger and the pounds are beginning to disappear. More importantly is the psychological aspects; I feel better about myself. I cannot commend too strongly the ethos of this place”.

- Henry Flower


I feel stronger and optimistic

"I joined viavi be looking for a new fitness routine that would fit into my busy schedule. Right from when I first joined I have enjoyed the exercises and felt supported by the lovely, friendly and knowledgeable fitness team. Already I feel stronger and optimistic about looking forward to a fitter future."

- Susan


A complete approach to fitness and lifestyle

“I didn't think I'd be able to find a gym circuit which suited both a 34-year-old fitness freak like myself, and my weights-shy 74-year-old mother — but then came Viavi:Be. The high level of personalisation means the exercises are tailored to each individual, so you're always doing the right workout for you. The equipment is impressive, but the friendly staff are what makes the gym different from the countless others I've sweated in over the years: they really know their stuff — not just about exercise, but also diet and lifestyle — and are always on hand to advise and encourage. I've noticed a marked improvement in my recovery time compared with other workouts, and my mother is getting stronger and actually enjoying pumping iron for the first time! "Holistic" is an over-used word in the wellness industry, but Viavi:Be really do offer a complete approach to fitness and lifestyle, unlike any other I've encountered.”

- Joanna 


I feel much fitter and trimmer

"I joined Viavi gym in September.  Previously I have spent lots of time in gyms but became very bored of the same dull routine and not really achieving anything.  Viavi attracted me for a number of reasons; the set programme for the workouts meaning I could just turn up and work out without thinking about it. The ongoing support of the physiologists and the induction "medical".  It was a real eye opener to have medical tests in a very non threatening environment and set goals for what you want you achieve. The continuing assessments of strength, progress and targets means you are constantly pushing yourself.

Since joining two months ago my blood pressure has reduced by 10%, weight has increased slightly but with a reduction in body fat and overall I feel much fitter and trimmer.  I would thoroughly recommend Viavi to anyone bored with the status quo of normal gyms."

- Benjamin

An individual - not just a number.

"That’s just how the staff at Viavi:Be make you feel.  They are all highly qualified and extremely passionate about YOUR Health and Wellbeing. This is not just another run of the mill Gym – I promise you! At 55 with secondary breast cancer I was never going to go to a normal Gym.  I wanted to know what I should and shouldn’t do, as having cancer in the bones you need to be careful.  Viavi:Be staff even got in contact with my oncologist to clinically check things out. Exercising in a structured regular sense has never been on my agenda until now.  I hated normal Gyms and could never stick at it for more than a few weeks.  After only a few months at Viavi:Be I have seen great improvements in my motivation, strength, agility and general feel good. Viavi: Be is part of my life now and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.  
Oh, and the facilities are second to none. I love the Infrared Sauna, Meditation Pod and the iPad led stretching setup.
Thank you to all the staff at Viavi: Be and can’t wait to have my next assessment to see how things have changed for me."


My experience at Viavi:be has re-educated me about health and fitness

“My experience of Viavi:be has surpassed all my expectations. The intuitive exercise programme ensures that you are constantly challenged but at an achievable level and facilities such as the infra-red sauna are great and so much more enjoyable and less intimidating than a traditional gym. However the best thing by far is the knowledge, support and care of the trainers- they are all amazing. They each take a genuine interest in everyone and want to support them achieving their goals. Prior to joining, I felt that because I was young, fairly active and ate pretty healthily already, I knew what I was doing, however my experience at viavi:be has re-educated me about health and fitness: I am well on my way to meeting my wedding goal, losing weight steadily and without losing muscle. As a bonus, I have also noticed a huge difference in both my skin and my sleep. I honestly feel that I wouldn't have got more knowledge or support from having a personal trainer. Thank you all!”

- Ellie

Clear evidence of my progress

“I have been a member of traditional gyms on and off for many years & although I felt the benefit of using those gyms I often left because they didn't fulfill my need to see my progress in more tangible ways. Besides a quick induction I was often then left to get on with it alone in those traditional gyms. I really enjoy strength training, but was often too nervous to use free weights for fear of injury. Having just experienced my 3 month assessment at Viavi:be I am delighted with the results I have achieved in a short time. The regular health assessments, regular practical training advice & data I can access via an app gives me clear evidence of my progress. On joiinng Viavi:be I didn't need to lose weight and was just looking to tone and increase my overall health & wellbeing so I wasn't expecting big changes after just 3 months, but in actual fact I had made some significant improvements.”

- Tracy

Informative, interesting and thought provoking

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Oli’s fantastic talk on the Fundamentals of Weight Management last night. It was informative, interesting and thought provoking and as always was delivered in a way that we non-experts could easily understand. It really has made me want to delve deeper into, and learn more about, what is clearly a massive and complex subject.  My Mother-in-Law attended with me and also commented on how interesting she found it - praise indeed!"

- Julie