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The Be:You essentials: healthy lifestyle

Dr Sabine Donnai, a leading authority on proactive health management and founder of Viavi:be, has identified thirteen areas we believe are important to maintain good health. These are based on the very latest medical evidence as well as extensive experience of delivering advanced health evaluations and health optimisation programmes from the Viavi Harley Street centre. We know that life is for living and that you will not be able to follow these guidelines religiously, but if you can start to introduce some of these habits, we know that they will contribute enormously to your current and future health and wellbeing.

1. Achieve 8,000 Steps on 5 days each week, including two 30-minute walks at a brisk pace.

Movement is much more than burning calories. It removes excess sugar from the bloodstream and encourages the body to a calmer internal state assisting sleep, energy production, gut function and immunity. Movement is separate to exercise and should be allocated its own time and commitment.

2. Conduct strength training on all key muscle groups twice per week

An improvement in muscle mass and strength may well be the single most important action in our control that will positively influence our body’s and mind’s degeneration otherwise associated with ageing.

3. Add variable intensity cardiovascular exercise lasting over 20 minutes twice each week

Exercise that makes you breathless is key. Oxygenating cells and organs ensures for optimal detoxification and energy usage. Alternating between hard and easy work in the same session helps ensure the body becomes more effective at burning fat stores as an energy source – even when not exercising.

4. Avoid blue light / technology within one hour prior to going to bed

The body’s internal clock is disrupted by blue light and use of electronic devices too close to sleep limits production of the powerful immune boosting hormone melatonin.

5. Abstain from caffeinated drinks after 4pm and no alcohol in the evening on five days each

Both caffeine and alcohol are stimulants to the brain and take up to 8 hours to clear out of our system. Alcohol can give the false impression to relax and de-stress because it relaxes the muscles. Both caffeine and alcohol will disrupt the quality of restorative sleep.

6. Adhere to 10 minutes of mindful meditation daily 5 days per week using Apps like Headspace or Calm

Calming the mind is become increasingly important especially in a time where our brains are continuously stimulated with information. Mindful meditation is a highly effective tool to induce better sleep, digestion and immunity. The impact on mental health, mood and prevention of cognitive decline is powerful. 10 minutes of mindfulness is a good starting point to determine value to an individual before considering meditation itself.

7. Drop all cakes, cereals, biscuits, soft drinks and chocolate (<70% cocoa) on 5 days a week

These highly processed foods disrupt blood sugar levels and lead to overeating, easy fat gain, inflammation and following from that long-term health issues. Restricting these foods has a massive positive cascade of health and energy benefits.

8. Drink 1.5 litres of water every day

Energy on a cellular level requires hydrated cells. Consuming enough water, as opposed to other drinks, is one of the quickest ways to access more energy, better clearance of waste products, clearer skin and easier weight control in a short time scale.

9. Ensure there is a portion of quality protein at each meal and snack

Protein is essential to develop new muscle and tissue. Protein is also great at controlling hunger levels and keeping a lean physique. Small portions of nuts are an easy way to snack healthily.

10. Eat a portion of oily fish on two separate days each week

90% of the population is deficient in Omega 3 fats (fish oil) with excess of Omega 6 fats (plant oils). Omega 3 fats play a huge role in disease prevention and supporting brain function, help prevent cognitive decline together with reducing possible blood vessels inflammation.

11. Remove the use of vegetable, nut and olive oil for cooking. Only use coconut oil, ghee or butter for heating.

Measurement of blood fats has consistently revealed an excess of vegetable oils, which hinder the ability to use the good fats from oily fish to reduce unwanted inflammation. Olive oil is fantastic used cold but best to cook with more stable saturated fats at high heat.

12. Introduce food state supplements for Vitamin D, B complex and EPA fish oils

Data collection from thousands of pathology investigations at Viavi show a clear pattern – 85% of clients had sub-optimal Vitamin D with 60% of them having a clinically dangerous low level, 74% of clients had sub-optimal B vitamins, and 98% of them had Omega 3 levels below those required for anti-inflammatory benefits. Supplements are recommended, particularly food origin nutrients vs chemical supplements.

13. Allocate a weekly time with friends, family and for your hobbies.

Being fit, nourished and rested will play a massive role in the prevention and management of all disease. However, it is crucial not to underestimate the contribution a sense of purpose, social interaction and personal growth play to health and particular to longevity. Allocating time to do these things is important.

The Be:You essentials: healthy lifestyle. Copyright Viavi-Be ltd.

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