Manage Health Issues

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Manage your health

Health issues are often perceived as hereditary or inevitable. As we further unlock the human genome we are increasingly understanding diseases are not coded into our DNA but instead can be prevented, managed and controlled by lifestyle.

Traditional medicine will historically look to treat a symptom or collection of symptoms but perhaps won’t have the time or resources to look into the reason why a problem or disease has occurred in the first instance. A new approach to medicine is to seek to understand not what has gone wrong with the body but, instead, the mechanisms of why it has gone wrong. At Viavi:be we believe that the root cause of many common diseases are driven by our lifestyle choices and the environment in which we find ourselves existing.

Lifestyle choices for healthy living

In understanding that lifestyle has a key role in triggering disease and dysfunction we can better make the lifestyle choices that could aid both managing and preventative disease. We encourage our members to not only act on their health when they become ill but to optimise their health and aid themselves by preventing a future illness. A good example of this is explained by one of our founders, Dr Donnai, in our blog “How type 2 diabetes can be managed and reversed through lifestyle medicine”. It explains that a traditional treatment for Type 2 Diabetes might be the medication Metformin – however, we know that if a member can have a good level of physical activity, a healthy body fat, manage sleep and stress then they reduce the risk of having Type 2 Diabetes.

At Viavi:be we look to address four main pillars of lifestyle management which are: Exercise and Movement, Clinical Nutrition, Energy Recovery and Reducing Impact of Toxins. This allows our members to review the separate facets of a beneficial lifestyle and prioritise what they can personally adjust to optimise their health.

At Viavi:be, lifestyle medicine testing such as the DNA Health Test can encourage people to make certain health choices to mitigate any inherent deficiencies within their genes and focus on the actions and behaviour that should trigger the biggest benefits. So much of our health is in our own hands and Viavi:be aim to guide and support members to the best health and life possible.