Feel Younger and Fitter

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How to feel younger and fitter

It would be fair to say everyone wants to feel younger and fitter with more energy. We know that lifestyle choices really can impact not only the way we feel, but also how we age. The Office for National Statistics puts UK life expectancy at 79.2 years for men, and 82.9 years for women. We understand that a long life is not always a happy life, and therefore our aim is to optimise people’s health in a way that allows them enjoy the all the things they value in life for as long as possible. Many of us don’t necessarily want to live a lot longer than the average life expectancy but most of us want to live our best lives and enjoy the things we value with high functionality and great energy. This could translate to active play with our grandchildren, reducing the amount of medication we are on, or being able to feel energised and happy in later years. We call this extended period of being well ‘Healthspan’ and it is the real goal within the concept of living life well.

Managing Aging

Viavi:be is in a unique position of having a vast amount of data and knowledge around health ageing gathered from years of managing health within its Harley Street business. Dr Sabine Donnai, one of our founders, explores this in the blog “Managing Aging”, on how we look to manage aging and what impact our lifestyle has on the speed and quality of ageing.

Lifestyle management to age well

Driven by the approach of Dr Donnai and the team at Viavi in Harley Street, Viavi:be looks to address four main pillars of lifestyle management: Exercise and Movement, Clinical Nutrition, Energy Recovery and Reducing Impact of Toxins. This allows our members to review the separate facets of a lifestyle and prioritise what they can personally adjust to optimise. Within the walls of Viavi:be we offer a lifestyle support experience like no other, welcoming all ages with consistent support from a friendly and welcoming health team to make what we hope and believe will be a significant impact on our members healthspan.