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Lifestyle Medicine – what is it?

Lifestyle Medicine is a new and exciting clinical field which aims to prevent, manage and even reverse lifestyle and chronic disease.

The lifestyle medicine approach means that you can now can pinpoint the sort of interventions that are precisely right for you, not just the broad-brush generic information typically available. You can see how you are able to prioritise the lifestyle choices that have most relevance for you given the pressures on your time, and that will help you to feel younger and fitter.

Can lifestyle medicine really reduce the deterioration normally associated with ageing or even help prevent cognitive decline? Yes it can, and the team at Viavi:be can show you how.

Lifestyle medicine experts at Viavi:be

lifestyle medicine and anti ageing

Dr Sabine Donnai, founder and Group Chief Executive, is a world authority and leading thinker in proactive health management and lifestyle medicine.  She works closely with many UK and international clients to both optimise their health and resolve complex health issues. She also consults widely and frequently appears on TV and in the press.

It is her clinical philosophy that underpins the Viavi:be approach, built on her special interest in the emerging clinical fields of not just lifestyle medicine, but also precision and functional medicine, and anti-ageing, to offer a whole solution.

This includes effective exercise and fitness plans for seniors as well as clinical assessments and specialist advice across every area of your life, including nutrition, quality of sleep and energy recovery – these are available as part of our lifestyle medicine services.

health fitness advice - lifestyle medicineDr Donnai and co founder Oliver Patrick run a number of lifestyle medicine events and talks at the Viavi:be Summertown health gym.

You can also book a free one to one tour with our highly experienced and qualified health coaches to see how the Viavi:be approach to lifestyle medicine can offer health and fitness plans for those over 50 who want something other than the traditional gym environment.

To book, get in touch via our contact us page or call 01865 689 214