To ensure that we offer safe, yet effective exercise as we emerge from COVID-19, we have introduced a special new service approach along with a reduced membership fee of £60 per month or the option of Pay-As-You-Go at just £10 per session.


The original monthly membership fee is currently suspended

Our Prices

Standard membership fee (minimum of 3 months)


Committed membership fee (minimum of 1 year)


Specialist lifestyle medicine services

from £50for members

Membership fees

Your monthly membership fee is £85, with a minimum three-month period where we will provide you with a structure Foundation Programme to demonstrate tangible benefits and help you establish health lifestyle habits. Following this, your membership fee will roll-forward but can be cancelled at any time with one month’s notice.

The monthly fee is reduced to £75 if you would like to benefit from a one-year commitment to your health. This option can be selected at the outset or at anytime within your programme.

Included in your fee is:

  • A continuous guided training programme. The machine settings and your virtual programme is set to a wristband which means you have the independence to train at ease as and when you wish, but with a programme designed by experts and tailored for you. There is always a friendly Health coach available to make any training adjustments and guide you when required.
  • An initial three-month structured programme will include a Lifestyle Review where your Health Coach will guide and assess exercise & movement, clinical nutrition, healthy aging and energy recovery to help optimise your health and wellbeing. You will receive a report with personalised guidance in combination with your goals. This will be re-evaluated in three-months’ time to make sure your programme is right for you. A full Lifestyle Review is available to you every year after this as standard to your membership.
  • Throughout your journey at Viavi:be you will receive ongoing support and advice from our friendly, clinically trained health coaches.
  • Access to all our equipment and facilities at any time during our opening hours.
  • Group activities such as our weekly core & mobility class.
  • Sizeable discounts off our specialist lifestyle medicine services, supplements and products.
  • Priority access to talks and invites to special member events and activities.
  • Free teas, coffees and organic fruits. As well as two types of refreshing water – one highly filtered to remove all impurities potentially harmful to health and one with added minerals to aid recovery after your session.

Lifestyle medicine services

Non-member price

Member price

Sports Massage Therapy

Help relieve soft tissue discomfort that arises from sporting injuries, everyday stresses, over-use issues and chronic pain conditions. 1 hour sessions available every Saturday from 12pm-3pm. Read more here



DNA Weight

Insight into the genes impacting on your metabolism and exercise responsiveness



DNA Health

Personalise your lifestyle & diet choices based on specific gene variants



Stress Resilience and Sleep Recovery

Understand how your body responds to stresses in your environment



Microbiome Gut Bacterial Diversity

Gain insight into how to maximise microbiome function through diet



Food Intolerance

Understand which foods impact negatively on your body’s performance



Vitamin D

Assess whether you are deficient the hugely important vitamin D



Lifestyle Medicine Consultation

Review health issues with specialist functional medicine doctor



Lifestyle Medicine Products

An extensive range of natural supplements and cosmetics

Varies per product

10% discount