Date: November 7, 2019

Time: 13:00-14:00 & 18.00-19.00

Location: Viavi:be, Summertown, OX2 7BY

Exercising with Cancer: Health Talk with Oliver Patrick

Date: 7th November 2019 | Time: 13:00-14:00 & 18:00-19:00 | Location: Viavi:be, Summertown, OX2 7BY

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The wonderful Oliver Patrick, Viavi:be Director and a leading UK lifestyle management expert, will be coming in to give one of his popular health talks. Thank you for all your suggestions on what you wanted to hear Oliver talk about. After reviewing our members feedback we have decided that Oliver will discuss ‘Exercising with Cancer’, including the following points:

  • How can exercise be classed as a ‘wonder drug’ post-treatment?
  • How can exercise help you manage cancer?
  • How can exercise lower the risk of cancer returning?

If you haven’t had cancer yourself, it is likely one of your friends or loved ones had. It is important to note that having cancer does not mean you become it. Oliver will be speaking at 13:00 and 18:00, please book a space with us today to find out how to take your wellbeing into your own hands. Limited places so please book early.

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