Viavi:be – reinventing the gym

Imagine a gym…

Where you get great results in only two 40mins sessions a week

Where the equipment is intelligent – recognising you & choosing the correct resistance and seat position at each visit

Which is more than just exercise – a health coach supporting  your wellbeing needs whatever they are

Where you are known individually and there is a genuine interest in helping you

That is not about pumping music, plasmas and wearing the latest kit, but has a calm, friendly and purposeful feel

gym exercises for over 60s

Imagine no more – Viavi:be has reinvented the gym and is available to you today.

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A very special sequence of exercise equipment

At Viavi:be you will experience some of the most advanced exercise equipment available in the world today.

Increasing strength and building muscle tissue is increasingly understood as core to managing many aspects of health and is a key element of the Viavi:be approach. The strength training equipment at Viavi:be has been specially sourced from Germany and allows much more than the selection of the correct weights each time you train. The electromagnetic resistance driven by extremely sophisticated software allows us to influence the pattern in which your muscle encounters a weight and vary this to your benefit over time. The strength exercises included in the sequence are the key movements you will do in real life, such as pushing, pulling, standing and lifting, and as such, these exercises remain the same over time. However, by adjusting the type of strain faced by muscle – with different speeds of movement, varying repetitions and change in the resistance during repetitions, we can create bigger improvements and variety than possible with normal weight training equipment.

Once you are set up and comfortable on the equipment, the Health Coaches may vary the type of training you do at appropriate intervals and you will see different graphics on the screens. Our members enjoy this approach and experience great results through the combination of the intelligent equipment combined with their effort and determination.

Keeping you safe as we emerge from Covid

The clinical expertise, the spacious facilities and the unique exercise sequence at Viavi-be combine to make your sessions as safe and effective as possible.

  • Strict social distancing maintained at all times with a limit on number of attendees exercising in any one session and with clear spacing retained.
  • Appointments only – booked on-line, over the telephone or when visiting the gym.
  • Appointments available between Monday to Thursday 8am to 8pm, Friday 9am to 5pm & Saturday 8am to 12 noon
  • Strict sanitisation regimes on entry and during use of equipment.
  • Please arrive changed and ready to exercise. We are unfortunately unable to currently offer showers.

Special processes in place for gym inductions for new members, including team members wearing protective items, online medical questionnaires, strict sanitisation of all equipment and furniture, and use of disposable blood pressure cuffs.

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