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At Viavi:be we have a very clear purpose and that is to help our members live life, well. We recognise that everyone is unique, that we all have very different needs. We might want to stop struggling on long family walks, climb the stairs without getting out of breath, or have the energy to enjoy playing with the grandkids. We might want to fit into those favourite clothes again that have been sitting in the wardrobe and we have not wanted to get rid of. We might just want to feel generally stronger, sleep better or feel more focussed. Or we might want to take control of more serious health concerns, such as high blood pressure, raised cholesterol or diabetes and even reduce our need for medication.

Whatever the reason, our community of like-minded members have one thing in common – the appetite to embrace all that Viavi:be offers and that determination to be the best that they can be. To help bring the service to life, three of our members have allowed us to tell their stories.

Graeme Woodward

Graeme, 26 years, is manager of two retail stores. He came to Viavi:be seeking to improve his overall health, decrease body fat and reduce a long history of lower back pain. His back pain in particular had meant that he was unable to exercise, and he had put on weight over the previous two years. He was taking anti-inflammatory medication daily to control the back pain. He also was feeling tired, not helped by the constant pressures of a busy, responsible job.

A health evaluation at Viavi:be identified that Graeme had an unhealthy body fat percentage, poor aerobic fitness and the inability of being able to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for relaxation and recovery. Although Graeme had started to look at his nutrition, he had had no professional guidance. The inadequate exercise along with the nutritional issues was causing further inflammation in the body along with deconditioned muscles.  Viavi:be firstly managed the primary issues of nutrition during a discussion with one of the health coaches and Graeme worked alongside the Physiologist to manage his inflammation naturally, without having to resort to over the counter medication. Graeme was able to reduce his anti-inflammatory medication from three tablets a day to one. He has also seen a great improvement in his energy levels and a sizeable reduction in body fat. Graeme is now back to playing cricket with no back pain for the first time in 18 months, and really feels like he is making positive steps in the right direction.

Anne Smith

Anne, 53 years, joined the Viavi:be health gym with the aim of optimising her health and reducing her weight. Anne had found that no matter however hard she worked on her exercise regime and her diet, she could just not get her weight down to the levels she wanted. During her health evaluation it was found that an underlying level of stress was resulting in high cortisol levels which in turn would not allow her system to reduce the levels of body fat. Viavi:be advised on a focussed lifestyle programme to address this including a structured exercise program, a review of nutrition, guidance on how to reduce the stressors in her life and how to improve sleep quality. Anne has now begun losing body fat at a great rate and has reported good improvements with her energy levels. Going forward, she has the motivation and justification for making the slight lifestyle adjustments necessary to help her live the life she wants.

Henry Flower

Henry, 66 years, is a retired teacher, who came to Viavi:be with significant cardiovascular risk and a dislike of exercise and fitness. He wanted to take control of his health in a non-threatening and welcoming environment. Due to recently being advised to take medication by his GP, Henry decided he wanted to manage his unacceptably high blood pressure, high sugar levels and high cholesterol through lifestyle adaptation. The initial lifestyle evaluation at Viavi:be enabled a much fuller insight into his issues and areas of concern. Supported closely by the Viavi:be Physiologist and Health Coaches, Henry worked extremely hard, attending the centre at least twice a week to gain the best outcomes as quickly as possible. Henry felt for the first time that he was in control of his health and is delighted with progress. He now shows a keen interest in reading health-based articles, consistently interacts with the Viavi:be team and has demonstrated some impressive results including an 11kg reduction in body weight, improved aerobic fitness and lowered blood cholesterol and glucose levels.

To discover how you could see and feel real benefits to your fitness and health, come along for a free tour of our health-gym.

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