Managing Ageing.

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Through many years working with clients in our Harley Street Clinic, we have acquired a huge amount of information that helps us to understand the ageing process.

Ageing is an inevitability that we cannot avoid but how we age is mostly in our own hands.

We are not referring to cosmetic enhancements, but to the speed of ageing and the risk of developing age-related chronic diseases. Whilst your DNA plays a role in your genetic predispositions, it will be your environment and your lifestyle that will determine to what extent those risks are realised.

Science has progressed to understand how certain chemical or environmental factors (epigenetics) alter a gene expression. This alteration in the gene expression can lead to illnesses such as cancer. This is why the vast majority of cancers are not hereditary. Tackling cellular inflammation, the beginnings of any chronic illness, reducing the impact of environmental toxins and ensuring you do not age biologically faster than your chronological age, are the cornerstones of the Be:You Plan.

The Be:You Plan takes into account these inter-relationships, helping you manage those elements that will impact on your current and future health. The combined impact of the four foundations of health will influence the way and speed you age.

The Be:You Plan will inform, empower and liberate you with some simple, straightforward changes that fit into your life. They will make a significant difference in reducing your risks and managing your ageing positively. To live longer and to live life well, without being limited by chronic disease and providing the optimum quality of life as you get older.

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