How to fit exercise around a busy lifestyle.

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When trying to find the time to exercise whilst juggling all your other professional and personal responsibilities, it’s easy to resign yourself to the fact that you just don’t have the time to fit an exercise plan into your week. However, it’s when we’re at our busiest and most stressed that exercise can benefit us the most, and with a few helpful tips from us, along with a well thought out training plan, you can see meaningful results.

It can make you more productive

Exercise is imperative to reduce circulating stress hormones and allow better sleep recovery, which is most needed during the busier, more stressful periods of our life, and yet it’s at these times that exercise is likely to fall by the way side.

There’s a reason why many of the world’s top business men and women get up early to exercise before their demanding day: they understand direct correlation between fitness and business performance.

Good data from occupational health shows increases in fitness and wellbeing have a positive impact on productivity, meaning that the time spent exercising will be paid back in improved clarity of thinking and task solving.

It’s not a hobby but a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle

A trap many people fall in to is viewing exercise as a non-essential activity, or hobby, which means that it’s the first thing to get dropped when something you consider more pressing crops up. Changing the way we think about exercise is therefore vital, as since exercising is imperative to our core functioning, it should be treated as an immovable part of our routine. Therefore, instead of fitting exercise in around your lifestyle we recommend striving to fit your lifestyle around a regular exercise routine.

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Make the most of the time you spend exercising

Just 35 minutes twice a week is enough to see a difference when you use your time wisely. Our team of health coaches and physiologists devise a personalised fitness plan for you based on your goals, which along with our state-of-the-art equipment, ensures that every minute spent in one of our gyms is as productive as possible. This delivers maximum results from minimum input in terms of time.

How to fit in your exercise sessions

In order to fit in these two sessions per week, we’d recommend having one timeslot in your week that will be consistently dedicated to exercising, when you know you have a pocket of time available. After that, you only need to fit one more slot of time in during the week for your second workout, on day 3,4, or 5. One holistic exercise session per week is enough to ensure you don’t go backwards, and 2+ will mean progress.

Taking a holistic approach

When trying to squeeze exercise in exercise here and there, it can be tempting to target one specific type of fitness at the expense of the others. The three key areas of fitness are strength, cardio and mobility, so instead of taking it in turns to target one specific area we’d advise combining all three into each session you complete, to keep your fitness balanced and well-rounded.

This can be done through combination training, which targets two or three types of fitness in one session, such as circuit training, or the Viavi sequence which trains cardio while focussing on strength and then finishes with mobility work.

Consider sleeping less to exercise more

Making the decision to exercise instead of having 20 minutes extra sleep in the morning will generally provide positive benefits in terms of your energy levels throughout the day. Exercising has also been proven to improve the quality of your sleep, which means the time lost will likely be made up in terms of sleep quality.

The bottom line is that the key to fitting exercise into your busy lifestyle is understanding the significance of the benefits you will gain and using the time you set aside to exercise wisely. If given a clinical reason to exercise by a Doctor the majority of people are regimented in sticking to their fitness plan, and with this in mind we recommend our clients use exercise as a lifestyle medicine in advance of any illnesses occurring rather than waiting for a problem to occur.

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