Health Supplements: the facts.

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In a world where our soil is between 55% and 85% less dense in nutrients than it was 60 years ago, to be well nourished is sadly becoming a real challenge. At the Viavi centre in Harley Street, London, the team of clinicians has extensive experience of undertaking sophisticated evaluations in the area. The tests undertaken have enabled them to gain an unusual insight in how well people are nourished in practice as well as the best ways to correct the insufficient levels of crucial nutrients in a safe and effective manner. These key nutrients form the building blocks of our energy production, immune system, muscle building and detoxification processes.

What does the data say?

An eye-opening statistic arises from research undertaken by the Kushi Institute between 1975 to 1997 which identified significant nutrient changes across the 12 fresh vegetables measured;

•        calcium levels dropped 27 percent;

•        iron levels 37 percent;

•        vitamin A levels 21 percent

•        vitamin C levels 30 percent

Put simply there is less nutrition in our food than ever. Soil depletion and increased crop turnover are cited as the primary drivers of this growing issue.

Our own Viavi client data shows similar statistics:

•        60% of clients had abnormally low Vitamin D

•        74% had sub-optimal Magnesium

•        91% had sub-optimal diversity of gut bacteria

•        98% had Omega 3 levels below those required for anti-inflammatory benefits.

What does this mean?

The result of this leads us to the firm belief that to be well nourished, extra nutrient intake has become a necessity. Good quality food is still the most efficient way for our body to obtain our vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. It is however becoming increasingly difficult to maintain those optimum levels. Supplementation might be required.

However, beware! Not all supplements are equal!

Unbeknown to many people and practitioners, most of the supplements on the shelves that call themselves ‘natural’ are presented to the body in a chemical form known as a ‘chemical isolate’. Many of the vitamins in “natural” supplements are petroleum extracts, coal tar derivatives and chemically processed sugars with other acids and industrial chemicals (such as formaldehyde) used to process them.

In natural foods (plants & animals) vitamins never exist in an isolated or “free state”. They are bound in a food matrix with co-factor attachments. Rather than being isolated nutrients, they are delivered to the body within a ‘food matrix’, providing nutrients in the form that is found in nature. This allows for optimal absorption by the body, much more so than many synthetically produced, so-called ‘natural’ supplements or non-food state supplements.

Our range of truly natural supplements

At Viavi we have introduced our own range of food- state supplements. These are, quite simply, whole food without the bulk. Our vitamins & minerals are truly natural supplements, made using high quality whole foods, giving your body the sort of nutrients our ancestors had…the way nature intended.

Made from real food, the absorption & utilisation of the Viavi supplements give you nearly 100% of the active food nutrients. Our truly natural supplements are whole foods, not chemicals. They are made from foods such as alfalfa sprouts, carrots, corn, grapefruit, lemons, limes, nutritional yeast, oranges, rice bran, soy beans & tangerines.

The improved response rate and tolerance rate resulting from food state nutrient enables a considerable reduction in the level of intake and without the risk of high dose chemical supplements and make them a key part of the Viavi:be approach to nourishment and living life well.

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