Cancer Research guidelines – exercising after cancer

When it comes to exercising after cancer treatment, are no general UK guidelines, according to Cancer Research. However a number of studies conclude that exercise after cancer is safe, and helpful, and it can improve your quality of life, while helping you feel better. There is also evidence that an exercise programme can help to speed up recovery after cancer treatment.

Dawn’s story – exercise after cancer

We’re always delighted when we have the opportunity to support our members who have been diagnosed with cancer or who are recovering after cancer treatment with expert exercise advice. Our health coaches are able to work with those members to put together a bespoke exercise programme and to monitor progress.
Here’s Dawn’s story on her time with Viavi:be.
It’s been a few years now since my secondary breast cancer diagnosis and the staff at Viavi-be have been with me all the way.  I have not been without my problems but the expertise of the health coaches has meant they have been able to constantly tailor my exercises to keep me going.  I adore this lifestyle gym and everything it represents around healthy living and keeping well.  I can honestly say I would be lost without it and it’s my go-to place for feeling good.
The science applied by this exercise setup is definitely leading edge and I am privileged to be able to use the fab facilities, especially the infrared sauna. The free organic coffee is a lovely treat at the end of the workout
I am still here and some of that is thanks to the Viavi-be approach to exercising after cancer, and the staff who support you.