Corona Virus Opening Times & Plans

We wanted to update you on our plans at Viavi:Be to ensure that we provide our members with the safest and most effective exercise and wellbeing services possible, and at the same time of course, protect the health of our team.

Here are the headline actions we are taking:

  • Reduced fees & reduced proximity for exercising
  • Individual & family infra-red sauna sessions
  • Free family access to sauna + a new day pass for non-members
  • Free health resilience and immunity consultations
  • Live streaming of exercise classes
  • New opening hours

Supporting your resilience & immunity – COVID-19

In summary:

  • We have paused our potential integration with tops:health given the need to focus fully on the needs of our respective members and clients at this time. There will be no closure from April.
  • For Viavi:be, unless instructed otherwise by the Government, it will be business broadly as usual. We feel at this time it is even more important than ever that you invest in your resilience and immunity, and the particular facilities at Viavi:be are unique in the UK in supporting you in this. If you are not restricted to home, we encourage you to use us.
  • The Viavi:be exercise sequence is very different to traditional gyms and we can ensure “personal distancing”. Accordingly, we will ensure that there is never more than three members on the sequence at any one time. Please call the health coach team if you want to book a slot or check how busy we are.
  • The infra-red sauna is hugely valuable in supporting your immune system. We encourage you to use it. For the month of April, we would be pleased to offer you the opportunity to invite a close family member to join you in the sauna with our compliments.
  • We will ensure there is only one person in the sauna (other than if you are with a family member or close friend) at any one time. Again, please call the health coach team to book a slot.
  • Whilst members will have priority for using the sauna, non-members will be able to use it for £15 for a 15 minute session.
  • We are aware that a number of gyms have closed locally and are happy to offer a “day pass” for anyone you know who can’t get to their normal gym and would still like to exercise. The fee for this is £10.
  • Group core and mobility classes will continue, but we will ask members to exercise two metres apart.
  • Oliver Patrick, director and a leading UK physiologist, will be available to members from Monday 23rd March for complimentary consultations on boosting residence and immunity either by telephone, video link or face to face in the centre.
  • Mark Oddi, Centre Director, will be arranging for the team to provide the live streaming of regular exercise sessions so that you can continue your health programme at home if you are nervous about coming in – more details to follow.

Oxford Gym – Corona Virus Opening Hours

Finally, we hope you will understand if we reduce slightly the times that we are open to ensure we manage carefully our team’s wellbeing.
From next Monday 23rd March , the gym will open at 8am until 7pm during the week and at weekends on Saturday only 8am until 1pm.
Given this reduction, we will be pleased to refund £20 off your normal monthly fee.

We will also be suspending the need to sign up for a minimum of three months for any new members.

We know these are challenging times for many of us, but the Viavi:be team remain fully committed to support your resilience during this period and helping you remain as healthy and active as possible.

Stay well and stay in touch – we’re here for you.

With best wishes for us all

The Viavi:be Team