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Most of us believe we have a fairly good understanding of what a healthy diet consists of. Five fruit and vegetables a day. Stay away from fat. Eat three balanced meals a day. Follow the guidelines of the food pyramid.

This is the generic advice that we have been told for years and try to adhere to in an attempt to stay healthy, control our weight and get clear skin.

Sadly, while these principles are broadly sound in themselves, this only provides part of the story. As we all start from a ‘different place’ and have different goals, we cannot apply generic advice and hope to achieve the results we are striving for. Indeed, for some of us, if there are underlying health issues, we might even be doing the ‘wrong thing’ and exacerbate the problem.

Clinical nutrition advice from the experts

The clinical nutrition advice at Viavi:be is personalised and relevant to you. It is based on the latest scientific research and years of clinical experience measuring important nutrient biomarkers in our Harley Street Clinic.

Our approach to correct nutrition, optimising weight and health is focussed on naturally correcting any imbalances which, left ignored, could lead to health risks now or in the future. We are all unique individuals with a unique lifestyle and DNA, and our own unique set of risk factors that we are trying to control. While this sounds like a lot of ‘hard work’, it is in fact the opposite. The tailored nature of the advice means that any possible action will be relevant to you. Whether to your current wellbeing, any health issues you might already have or to your future health and prevention against chronic disease.

At Viavi:be, we understand the physiological demands of your body and mind to cope with the environment you live in and the energy needed to match this. It is possible to enjoy the same feeling of wellbeing and energy at 70 as you have at 30, but some fine-tuning might be necessary.

Relying on information available on the internet can be misleading, sometimes dangerous. It is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate the most up-to-date and valid information from the opinions of anonymous, self-ascribed experts. To make data and information relevant to you is the key to managing your health wisely. You buy a pair of shoes that fit your size, not just for style after all!

What about diet?

According to the media, what seemed wrong to eat yesterday is healthy today. Are fats the enemy or the hero? What about sugar? With the baking craze hitting the UK, do we have alternatives to sugar and refined carbs?

Your Be:You Plan not only addresses your individual nutritional needs but also ensures that you get clinical support and guidance, all based on the latest, most forward-thinking scientific research.

There are four aspects of your health that need to be addressed in harmony to deliver the maximum health outcome for your input effort. The other three parts of the Be:Plan – exercise and activity, recovery (sleep and stress) and managing the process of cellular inflammation are inextricably linked to nutrition and all work to.gether to deliver optimal health. The Be:You Plan will guide you to achieve the balance and harmony to be the best you can be

Without balance and harmony, true wellbeing cannot be achieved and you remain at an increased likelihood of your genetic risks becoming expressed. The Be:You Plan will help you achieve this balance through practical and achievable steps.

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