5 tips for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

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At Viavi:be we believe in a holistic approach to weight loss where health is the ultimate priority. Here are 5 core pieces of advice from the Viavi:be clinical team to help you lose weight in a healthy, sustainable fashion.

1) Strive for fat loss rather than weight loss

When we talk about our intention to lose weight, what we really mean is that we want to lose body fat. This is an important distinction to make because although the scales may remain the same, if you’re building muscle whilst losing body fat then you’ll still look leaner and feel stronger and healthier. Weight loss is therefore the wrong parameter, and so focussing on your overall fitness goals will ultimately benefit you more than stringently sticking to weight loss as the definitive judge of success.

2) Weight loss without exercise is unlikely to be the right kind

As we age, the only way to lose fat whilst retaining muscle is through resistance exercise. Dieting may be enough to see a decrease in the scales, but these don’t tell the full story of where your weight loss has come from. Regular use of resistance equipment will therefore help you to retain muscle mass and stave off the natural decline in muscle mass as we age. Sustaining muscle tissue offers a raft of secondary benefits beyond helping fat loss. These benefits range from pain free movement to reduced risk of key lifestyle diseases.

3) Carbohydrates are the most likely source of excessive calorie consumption

Although carbohydrates are not sent by the devil as has been suggested by some in the media, they are the most likely source of excessive calorie consumption and hormonal disturbance. This is often due to the fact that refined and processed carbohydrates are found in food such as cakes and white bread, which are often overconsumed. Although even if the carbohydrates you’re eating are coming from wholegrain sources, if you’re consuming more calories than you’re burning off then ultimately weight will be gained.

4) Lean protein intake is vital during fat loss

Sufficient lean protein intake is essential for retaining muscle mass during fat loss. Protein has been shown to increase satiety, the feeling of being full, and boost metabolism. This helps prevent overeating and helps your body burn off calories at an efficient rate. Best protein sources would be fish, lean meats and eggs but there are plenty of workable options for those leading a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

5) A stressed body won’t let you let go of body fat

Chronic high stress can prevent fat loss, as increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol will lead to am increase of the consumption of the calorie rich food groups and discourage the body from losing fat. This is because from an evolutionary perspective, your body’s reaction in times of stress is to hold on to fat cells to harvest energy. Relaxation techniques, sleep interventions and allowing adequate recovery time between work outs are therefore essential for any fat loss programme.

The Four Foundations of our Be:You Plan ensure you are performing the right exercises, following the correct nutritional strategy and actively focussing on energy recovery. The combination of these actions allow your body to release its fat stores, even in previously stubborn cases. The calm, purposeful environment we provide, along with the gentle guidance of health coaches and physiologists ensures progress towards your personal weight and health targets in the most effective way possible.

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