Introducing the Be:You Plan

be:come the best you can be with a personalised fitness plan 

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Stage One - The Process

Health is entirely individual - right down to your DNA, lifestyle, work, leisure, eating patterns and goals - which is why one-size-fits-all traditional gyms and exercise classes work for only a small minority.

At Viavi:be, your Be:You plan starts on day one with your induction with one of our Health Coaches who will take a medical history and an initial set of health markers plus talk with you to fully understand what you wish to achieve. Your Health Coach will then quickly set you up with an initial set of warm up routines and stretches (all available on video in the gym), programme the gym equipment with your bespoke measurements and requirements and give you your wrist fob that tells each piece of equipment exactly what your routine is and adjusts automatically to your height and reach. Your Health Coach will also point you to the other technologies available to you like our infra-red saunas and mindfulness pods. 

This is very much step one to get you going quickly and to give you time to feel at home. You will have access throughout this and all subsequent stages to our Health Coaches whenever required - all included in the single monthly membership fee.


Stage 2 - Initial Health Evaluation

After six weeks of joining, you will have the opportunity to sit down with our lead physiologist for a much deeper dive into the key markers of your health. It will be these markers that you will measure your health progress over the weeks and months of your membership. These are simple, non-intrusive tests that are designed to provide you with a measure of your body's health. These markers include blood pressure readings, body composition, hydration levels, blood glucose levels, cholesterol, arterial elasticity, stress resilience, skin test for levels of antioxidants, the 3D posture photograph for muscle/posture assessment, mobility/flexibility assessment, a VO2 assessment to test for cardio-respiratory fitness and finally, a body strength test. There are no rights or wrongs and absolutely no judgements made - your health is your own and these tests are designed to inform, empower and liberate our members' understanding of how their health can improve, using real science as an underlying principle. 

Any adjustments to the exercise sequence can now be made with a full knowledge of your health needs in the context of your personal goals and ambitions.  

The first three months - the Viavi:be sequence

To Live Life Well it is vital we do everything we can to support our members to progress their health - so once your initial programme is set up, our Health Coaches will be on hand whenever you need them to guide and support you - in as little as 35 minutes twice a week. We then re-evaluate the key health markers after three months to assess progress and to evolve your Be:You Plan for the next quarter.

The Be:You Plan, including the health evaluation and the ongoing support of Health Coaches, are all part your monthly membership. No hidden extras or cross-sells to use personal trainers. One price. To Live Life Well. 

We may suggest you utilise a number of different combinations of the four foundations of the Be:You Plan, as described below - but with a solid understanding of the health markers you are seeking to address, how they will impact your health and what to expect along the way.

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The four foundations of the Be:You Plan

Our years of clinical experience, measuring outcomes and biological markers – way beyond measuring just weight and fitness – has allowed us to present you with a programme that we know will achieve for you now and for your future, on all aspects of your health and wellbeing.

There are four foundations to the Be:You Plan. All four aspects are vital but as each Be:You plan is entirely bespoke around each client's Health Evaluation and personal ambitions, the focuis and emphasis will be slightly different for everyone:
- Exercise and Movement
- Clinical Nutrition
- Energy Recovery
- Managing Ageing

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Exercise and movement

The single biggest influencer to avoid illness, chronic disease and slow down the ageing process, is regular physical activity. That is the hard truth: which is why we aim to make it as easy, accessible, safe and technically advanced as possible. For people of all ages.

The cascade of chemical reactions in our body and brain following physical activity are massive and necessary to keep functioning as we were meant to. From improving sleep quality, to increase the release of positive hormones, to burning fat as fuel source, to reducing chronic inflammation, to increased blood supply to all the organs, to increase your ability to eliminate chemical waste, to managing stress. The beneficial effects of physical activity and movement are visible throughout out system.


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Clinical Nutrition

The clinical nutrition advice you will get at Viavi:be is not only personalised and relevant to you but based on the latest scientific research and years of clinical experience of measuring important nutrient biomarkers. 

Our approach to correct nutrition, optimising weight and health is focussed on naturally correcting any imbalances which, if left ignored, will lead to health risks now or in the future. We are all unique individuals with a unique DNA and lifestyle and our own unique set of risk factors that we are aiming to control.

Whilst this perhaps sounds like a lot of ‘hard work’ and having to change eating habits completely, the opposite is true. The tailored nature of the advice means that any possible action will be relevant to you and will make a big impact on your current wellbeing, any health issues you might already have and to your future health and avoidance of chronic disease.



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Energy Recovery

To manage stress sleep and energy is the key to a healthy, alert immune system, to control weight and metabolism, to ensure correct hormone release, to slow down the ageing process.

We understand the physiological drivers that make us seek ‘false’ energy, whether it is in sugars, carbohydrates, caffeine or becoming argumentative. We understand where the biggest physiological wasting of energy takes place. We understand how we can influence your physiology to help you manage this important area of your health. Stress and sleep recovery – indeed not whether you are sleeping but whether recover during the time you are asleep - are only two of the important factors that you will be supported with in your Be You plan.

The Viavi Be:You Plan helps you recharge and manage your energy. The clinical insights the Viavi team has in managing energy saving, increase and recovery following years of research and expertise in this area, is unparalleled.


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Managing Ageing

We all age -but how we age is almost entirely into our own hands. We are not referring to cosmetic enhancements. We are referring to the speed of ageing and the risk to develop age related chronic diseases, whether arthritic, cancer, vascular disease, dementias and of course many more. Whilst your DNA plays a role in your genetic predispositions, it will be your environment and your lifestyle that will determine the expression of those risks, or not. Science has progressed to understand how certain chemical or environmental factors (epigenetics) alter a gene expression. This alteration in the gene expression can lead to illnesses such as cancer. This is why the vast majority of cancers are not hereditary. Tackling cellular inflammation, the start of any chronic illness, how to reduce impact of environmental toxins and ensuring you do not age biologically faster than chronologically are cornerstones of the Be:You plan. 

The Viavi Be:You plan brings the expertise for you to understand these interrelationships and help you to start managing those elements of your health that will impact on your current and future health. 


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