About Viavi:be

Viavi:be is the brainchild of Dr Sabine Donnai, a Harley Street physician and world-authority in proactive health management. Viavi:be’s pioneering new Lifestyle Medicine and Health Gym is the result of many years work helping clients develop a proactive and sustainable approach to their health in a realistic, time efficient manner, helping them Live Life. Well.

Our Clinicians

Dr Sabine Donnai

Dr. Sabine Donnai

Founder & CEO

Dr Sabine Donnai is a leading global authority on proactive health management and preventive medicine. She works with UK and international clients to optimise their health and resolve complex health issues. It is her clinical philosophy that underpins the Viavi approach. Read more about Sabine here

Oliver Patrick

Oliver Patrick

Founder & Director

Oliver Patrick is a world-leading expert in lifestyle management. A physiologist by background, he speaks widely on wellbeing strategies and consults for health clubs and employee wellbeing programmes. Read more about Oliver here.

Why Viavi:be

Viavi:be has been specially created by our team of leading Harley Street clinicians and experienced senior health club executives for those who are serious about managing their health and wellbeing.

Behind our approach is a clear belief that many of the health issues that arise – including some of the deteriorations of ageing – are entirely avoidable. Even reversible. That by combining the latest thinking in proactive medical science, with the most advanced technologies available and highly trained supportive health experts, it is possible to help you make a tangible difference to your quality of life. Equally, we believe, that the traditional health club formula doesn’t suit most people. Some 85% of the population do not feel it the right answer for them – the clubs are too loud, too impersonal, too threatening, too inefficient and there is a lack of meaningful, authoritative advice.

So, based on many years of experience and deep clinical knowledge, we have created a new generation of gyms. We call it a “lifestyle medicine and health gym” for a reason. A calm purposeful environment with great facilities and people, where results come first.

The Viavi:be Method

Underpinning the service is the Viavi:be method, a unique and structured approach to guarantee results:

Backed by research

Originating from a deep understanding of the latest medical science to enable the most effective, easy and time efficient way of getting results.

More than just exercising

The Viavi:be method, addressing the four foundations of health: exercise and movement, clinical nutrition, energy recovery and reducing impact of toxins.

State of the art technology

A unique and defined sequence incorporating a carefully selected range of specialist equipment and technologies.

Guided by experts

Expert health coaches, clinically trained, measuring, guiding and supporting you on a personalised health programme.

What we offer

The four foundations of health

Our years of clinical experience has enabled us to develop programmes that allow you to get meaningful health outcomes, both for now and for the future. There are four foundations of health within the Viavi:be Method. All four are vital, but depending on your circumstances and goals, the focus and emphasis will be slightly different for each one of us.

Exercise and movement

The single biggest influencer to avoid illness, chronic disease and slow down the ageing process, is regular physical activity. That is the hard truth: which is why we aim to make it as easy, accessible, safe and technically advanced as possible. For people of all ages.

The cascade of chemical reactions in our body and brain following physical activity are massive and necessary to keep functioning as we were meant to. From improving sleep quality, to increase the release of positive hormones, to burning fat as a fuel source, to reducing chronic inflammation, to increased blood supply to all the organs, to increase your ability to eliminate chemical waste, to managing stress. The beneficial effects of physical activity and movement are visible throughout our system.

Clinical nutrition

The clinical nutrition advice you will get at Viavi:be is not only personalised and relevant to you but based on the latest scientific research and years of clinical experience of measuring important nutrient biomarkers.

Our approach to correct nutrition, optimising weight and health is focussed on naturally correcting any imbalances which, if left ignored, will lead to health risks now or in the future. We are all unique individuals with a unique DNA and lifestyle and our own unique set of risk factors that we are aiming to control.

Whilst this perhaps sounds like a lot of ‘hard work’ and having to change eating habits completely, the opposite is true. The tailored nature of the advice means that any possible action will be relevant to you and will make a big impact on your current wellbeing, any health issues you might already have and to your future health and avoidance of chronic disease.

Energy recovery

To manage stress, sleep and energy is the key to a healthy, alert immune system, to control weight and metabolism, to ensure correct hormone release, to slow down the ageing process.

We understand the physiological drivers that make us seek ‘false’ energy, whether it is in sugars, carbohydrates, caffeine or becoming argumentative. We understand where the biggest physiological wasting of energy takes place. We understand how we can influence your physiology to help you manage this important area of your health. Stress and sleep recovery – indeed not whether you are sleeping but whether recover during the time you are asleep – are only two of the important factors that you will be supported with in your Viavi:be Method.

The Viavi:be Method helps you recharge and manage your energy. The clinical insights the Viavi team has in managing energy saving, increase and recovery following years of research and expertise in this area, is unparalleled.

Reducing impact of toxins

Whilst your DNA determines your genetic predispositions to health issues, most often, it will be the impact of your environment and your lifestyle that will determine the expression of those risks, or not. Science has progressed to understand how certain environmental factors such as food, drugs or exposure to toxins can cause changes to the way our genes work (epigenetics). These toxic insults on our system can lead to illnesses, for example cancer. This explains why many cancers are not hereditary. Tackling cellular inflammation, the start of any chronic illness and importantly, how to reduce impact of environmental toxins in this process is possibly the most important key element of managing your future health and reduce risk of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

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