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Viavi:be is the brain child of Dr Sabine Donnai, one of Harley Street’s leading medical practitioners in proactive health management and precision medicine. Viavi:be’s pioneering new Health-Gym in Summertown is the outcome of many years work helping clients develop a proactive and sustainable approach to their health in a realistic, time-efficient manner that encourages them to Live Life. Well. 

Unfortunately, the need for such a Viavi:be service has never been greater - with 40% of 40-60 year olds doing virtually no exercise and 1 in six deaths in England attributable to inactivity. According to a recent BBC documentary, as many as two-thirds of us have a health-age which is higher than our actual birth age.

Our approach is summarised as Live Life. Well. We believe life is for living well. And that health is a key factor in this. We understand it can be difficult to know exactly what to do to stay healthy and exercised, so we have combined the latest thinking and measurements in proactive medical science, with the world's leading wellness technology with highly trained supportive health experts to create the worlds first Health-Gym - Viavi:be. 


Our Clinicians

Dr Sabine Donnai

Dr. Sabine Donnai
Founder & CEO

Dr Sabine Donnai is a leading global authority on proactive health management and preventive medicine. She works closely with many UK and international clients to both optimise their health and resolve complex health issues. It is her clinical philosophy that underpins the Viavi approach. Prior to founding Viavi, Sabine gained extensive international experience as a general physician and subsequently held senior executive positions with major healthcare companies in the UK. She has been Medical Director of Nuffield Health Wellbeing, Managing Director of Prestige Health and Regional Clinical Director of BUPA.

Oliver Patrick

Oliver Patrick
Founder & Director

Oliver Patrick is a world-leading expert in lifestyle management. He speaks widely on the application of contemporary wellbeing strategies and consults to health club groups on programme development. A physiologist by background, Oliver has been instrumental in establishing professional recognition for applied physiology in the UK, working closely with professional and government bodies as well as major teaching institutions. Prior to Viavi, Oliver was Professional Head of Physiology at Nuffield Health, where he led the largest team of applied physiologists, wellbeing advisors and accredited nutritionists in the UK.


Our Physiologists & Health Coaches

Chris Langford

Chris Langford
Centre Manager & Health Coach

As the team leader (and local Oxfordian), Chris is responsible for setting and maintaining very high standards in our Oxford Health-Gym. Since graduating with a First Class Bachelor of Science with Honours in Fitness and Personal Training, Chris has built up substantial experience in both the UK and New Zealand in prestige gym and wellness environments. He is passionate about proactive health and the role of exercise in managing our ageing process and our quality of life.


Tom Walker

Tom Walker
Lead Physiologist

A Registered Member of both the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health & Care Professions Council, Tom is a keen sportsman and since graduating with Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physiotherapy has acquired extensive experience in the private and public sectors in London treating individuals, companies, Embassies, CEO’s, actors, singers, professional sports people and dancers from both contemporary and classical companies.

Flo Foreman

Flo Foreman
Health Coach

With a Masters in Exercise Rehabilitation and a Bachelor of Science in Sports Health and Physical Education, Flo has returned to Oxford where she was brought up with several years experience helping clients exceed their goals and overcome injuries. She is known for her empathetic character and a passion for keeping up to date with the latest thinking and research on managing the ageing process and rehabilitation.  

Mark Odi

Mark Oddi
Health Coach

As both a former Police Officer and Oxfordshire Firefighter, Mark's First Class Honours Degree in Applied Biology:Biomedical Sciences and then qualifying as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and further study in Exercise Refferal for Health Management has ultimately taken him towards his first passion - how to balance fitness, nutritional strategies, stress and sleep strategies with the demands of busy, stressful adult working lives and to help others achieve their fitness, wellbeing and healthy-lifestyle goals. 

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