Viavi:be services, activities & products

Viavi:be is much more than just a gym, it is a vibrant focal point that provides a richness of authoritative advice, enjoyable activities and credentialed services and products.

Member activities

Members can benefit from a range of events and activities, including regular talks on key health topics, frequent blogs, group stretch sessions, charity days and special interest groups – do you want to learn how to make sourdough?

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Lifestyle medicine services and products

A very special feature at Viavi:be is Europe’s first ever specialist lifestyle medicine service. Lifestyle medicine is an emerging clinical discipline that seeks to prevent, manage or even reverse chronic or lifestyle related disease.

The rapid developments in medical science and knowledge allow us to now take a much greater control over our health than ever before. We have identified the growing number of people who are interested in taking an even more intelligent approach to managing their health, whether resolving chronic health concerns, seeking quality ageing or simply wanting to take positive steps to improve weight, energy or performance. The lifestyle medicine service allows people to clearly prioritise the lifestyle choices that are specifically right for them.

Leveraging the expertise of our founding Harley Street clinicians, the Viavi:be lifestyle medicine service includes consultations with specialist functional medicine doctors, and a range of the latest clinical assessments along with authoritative interpretation and guidance. The service also includes a number of carefully credentialled products, such as natural supplements and cosmetics. The assessments include two types of DNA profiling, microbiome gut bacterial diversity measurement, food intolerance tests, stress resilience and sleep recovery monitoring, Vitamin D measures and comprehensive lifestyle assessments.

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