Be the real you again.

The UK’s most advanced proactive health and rehabilitation centre.


Be the real you again.

The UK’s most advanced proactive health and rehabilitation centre.


The Viavi Be health gym will sadly close on Friday 22nd December.

This only relates to Viavi and does not impact Tops Health services.

For current members, arrangements for monthly membership fees will be communicated directly. For non-members the option of “a pay as you go” remains.

Created by leading UK Clinicians – specially designed to help you become the real you, again.

exercise with cancer

Clinical exercise

A gym with a difference. Unique, intelligent equipment with personalised programmes, guaranteeing great results in the most time efficient way possible.

Physiotherapy, Pilates & Yoga

Provided by tops:health, Oxford’s leading provider of physiotherapy, sports and remedial massage, clinical yoga and Pilates, as well as gait and bike analysis.

fitness plans lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle medicine

A range of the latest lifestyle medicine consultations, tests and specialist support, providing deep health insights and allowing you to make lifestyle choices that are right for you.

Heath gym Oxford

“The team at Viavi:be has been instrumental in helping me lose weight, body-fat and achieve my health goals”

Health gym Oxford

“An individual, not just a number, that’s how they make you feel. This is not just another run of the mill gym”

health gym Oxford

“I plan to keep my membership for the long-term. My increased fitness, flexibility and strength is a major contributor to my health.”

Health gym Oxford

“The best thing by far is the knowledge, support and care of the trainers – they are all amazing”

exercise with cancer

A ground-breaking new concept for those whose health comes first.

The most advanced facilities and expert health coaches.

Great results, guaranteed

Manage weight

Generate sustainable weight loss and improve appearance.

health gym Oxford

Feel fitter and stronger

Remain active and live life to the full.

Health gym Oxford

Manage and prevent health issues

Help manage existing lifestyle related health conditions and help reduce future serious health risk.

Heath gym Oxford

Increased energy

Improve energy levels, resilience and overall wellbeing.

Health gym Oxford

Stay younger

Manage the ageing process, maintaining an active life and help reduce risk of chronic disease.

The Viavi:be method changes lives

Our gym. State of the art equipment
designed to help you achieve your goals

Achieve your goals at your own pace, with no stress.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 8am to 8pm
Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday 8am to 12 noon